My name is Jaadin Adele Andersen.

         Owner and Artist at Jaadin Adele Studio. I have been creating things my whole life but was formally trained in oil paint at Houghton College. After college, I did as most and just took any job. I didn’t really pick up a paint brush regularly until I found myself in a new city with no job, no friends, and nothing else to fill my time. I was quite lazy and didn’t want the hassle of cleaning up my oils so I pulled out some watercolors just to play. It worked out well since shortly after I found out I  was pregnant and watercolors are less toxic than oil. I fell in love with the spontaneity and un predictable nature of watercolor.

I live in Geneva NY with my Husband Jeffrey Andersen ( @jeffrewandersen ) and our two kiddos, Charlotte Leigh Ellen 12/2014 and Constance Adele 1/2017 along with our crazy cat Mr.Magoo. We moved to this small city after doing a 5-year stint in Brooklyn NY. So far there is so much we love and we hope you visit this wonderful place!








Stop. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Pause at the moment you are in.

Think of beauty, what does that look like, where do you find it? When you open your eyes can you find a beautiful image, outline, shape, color, or texture in the space around you? These small moments when we pause and find beauty, are what I aim to capture. I want to create space for you to pause, to experience beauty, to have the ability to take a deep breath in what you are viewing.

I strive to capture the beauty I find in the world around me in a raw un-cluttered form, taking colors, shapes, and forms and reducing them farther still and recombining them again to allow for a new way of seeing these parts combined as a whole.  Exploring how parts can be repeated, shifted, inverted to become something new yet still hold their unique qualities. I use those parts to create layered experiences of the beauty I see.

Using watercolors lends itself well to the repetition and layering of colors, shapes, and forms. It allows for depth and the creation of space while still maintaining fluid and uniting qualities. The placement of ink over the watercolor gives a grounding yet uniting feature that brings a stability to the work, giving it definition yet inviting movement.

My family is my whole world. I started to take this whole art as work thing seriously when I had my first daughter. Partly so I could stay home and hopefully turn my art into something that makes money, but mostly so that I could show her that her dreams are worthwhile and can be attained but it might take some hard work to get there.

We moved up to Geneva from Brooklyn partly for this reason of family. So our girls can know their extended family and grandparents who are close to this area. Growing up I always had a ton of family around, my mom was one of 6 kids, I want my kids to have that same experience. To feel loved and cared for by their whole family. It then also provides me more time to paint and hear from you.