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I am Jaadin Andersen Owner/Artist/LMT (in training) of Jaadin Adele Studio. I have been creative my whole life. It was not until college that I realized I liked painting the most. It was about 5 years after that that I found the medium that I LOVE, watercolor and then stumbled upon alcohol ink in the last year. I paint with emotion and intuition and enjoy the unpredictable nature of my two mediums. They lend themselves well to working in the abstract and exploring the use of color, shape, and line to express emotion. I live in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY in Geneva with my creative hubby (he works with wood) and our two beautiful daughters (Dec 2014/ Jan 2017). I became a licensed massage therapist in January of 2020. I create wellness retreats and provide healthy lifestyle training as a personal trainer and nutritionist. (certification to come Aug 2019) It was not until my mother said that I was good a massage that I considered the career. It all fell into place and I feel like I finally found part of my life I was missing. I am so excited to share this beginning journey with you and meld it with my art which fits the new life I am building.


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