Old and New


There is this antique shop in Lima ny. I have driven past it for years. I had always wanted to stop and take a look but I never had the tine to stop and take a peek. This weekend I was driving past and there was a sign that said they were closing and everything was 75% off. I figured that now was a good time to stop it I would never get to. It only took me 12 years.

I am so glad that I stopped. I found this perfume bottle that is old school glass and would work perfect for my new morning routine of almond, vitamin E and tea tree oil. I had been looking for something pretty to put it in. This was better than I could have imagined. Not only does it hold something useful for me but it brings me joy to see it in the morning.

Joy and peace have been themes I have been focusing on lately as I transition into a new life path. I have been a stay at home mom for the last four years with part time work here and there. I started school to become a massage therapist this January so I can move into a career where I can be hone with my kids as much as possible but also contribute to the house. ( I also enjoy making money, it make me feel accomplished because I can take care of myself).

The process of getting there has been harder than I could have imagined. I started at one school only to find out they were going under and their staff turn over in the 3 weeks I was there was incredible. So I found the school I am at now ( Onondaga school of therapeutic massage) which has been amazing. The hard part of it has been leaving every morning to learn when my kids ask me to stay home, or in the words of my two year old. “No go home” which can be translated as “don’t go, stay home”. I get to spend every afternoon and even with them but it’s not enough for them. I then try to study after they go to bed at night. I am counting the days until my science classes are over and I get to start hands on (32 as of today if you were wondering).

To keep joy and peace in this crazy time I have been trying to see it in the little things and not focus so much in the bigger things that want to make my head explode. To find small treasures, old perfume bottles, toddler hugs when I get home, or walking into a room filled with essential oils, so I can have a new joy in the moment I find myself in. I am looking forward to what the future will bring and how it will blend the old and new.

Jaadin Andersen