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I am currently a student at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage. . While a student I have clinic hours that will need to be filled. Check out my schedule and get a massage. Once I graduate in Dec 2019 I will then be offering massage in my home and in a 35 mile radius from Geneva.



Life can be overwhelming and we all need to learn how to take care of ourselves. Spend a weekend being nice to yourself and learning how to incorporate wellness into your daily life. Now taking reservations for February 2020.


As a soon to be certified Personal trainer and nutritional educator I want to help you make a plan that can get you into the life and body you want. No gyms and running, because I hate both. Let’s make a plan that you can stick to and complete from the comfort of your own home. If you seek community and others to join in you can participate on our community activities.





What and Where


What is Clinic

As a student I need to complete 100 hours of clinic, which is 100 hours of practicing massage under the eye of the school. For these hours we have what they call clinic. It is where they public can schedule massage with the students at a discounted rate to assist us in our learning. If you would like more info about the school you can visit their website.


The Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage is located on the second floor of the village gate at 302 North Goodman St. Suite 200 Rochester NY 14607. Once you arrive you will sign in at the front desk. The first time you schedule you will fill out a health form so that I am aware of any contraindications. After that you can simply check in at the front desk. If you would like you can



and booking



As a student I am only allowed to perform the basic Swedish massage. Let me assure you it is amazing and well worth it. there are two time options the 50 min and 100 min. I recommend the 100 min as it gives more time to work on all areas that are of concern and in more depth. It can be very difficult in 50 min to make sure all areas are assessed properly so that you lave feeling your best.


50 min - $40

60 min - $75

The school also does discounts and specials throughout the year so check out their Facebook page to stay up to date on what they are.

How to book

As a student I can not book your sessions for you or here on my website. You will need to give the school a call and request me as your therapist. Their number is 585-241-0070 Currently the clinic hours are as follows, I will be having a specific schedule once I start in August and will at that time update the schedule here to reflect only my hours.

Monday - Friday Evening

5:00 pm / 6:15 pm / 7:30 pm

Wednesday - Friday Afternoon

1:00 pm / 2:15 pm / 3:30 pm


9:00 am / 10:15 am / 11:30 am / 1:00 pm / 2:15 pm / 3:30 pm

The school will be closed on Sundays and the following holidays : Easter/ Memorial Day / Labor Day / Thanksgiving





Typical Day

Come spend two days soaking in peace and calm with out wonderful instructors and others like yourself.

We will start our day with yoga and end with some meditation. There will be learning sessions each day to help guide you to inner balance and mindfulness. There will also be time given to reflect and practice your new knowledge. Each day we will start and end each day with a time to reflect on what we have learned as a whole and as individuals.

What is included

  • Welcome packet and gift

  • Two 60 min massages

  • Daily yoga

  • Room and meals

  • Meditation time

  • 4-6 learning sessions


Areas of study

Learning how to care for yourself


Meet your instructors

Each retreat will have a minimum of four instructors. Different retreats may feature different instructors. With the button below you can find more information about the instructors and when they will be showcasing their work.

Types of sessions offered

Again the types of sessions offered will be tailored to the instructors present but can include any of the following.

  • Mindfulness painting

  • Balancing your chakras

  • Self awareness

  • Relationship health

  • Nutrition




Taking Charge

It’s your life, live it well


Personal Training

I am in the process of becoming certified personal trainer. My hope is to have this completed by the end of the summer. Please check back for when I am certified. or join the email list so you can be notified when I am. I look forward to helping you reach your goals.


I envision teaching individuals and classes during the year after I am certified. If you would like to throw some ideas or what you are thinking at me please do. I am open to anything as this new chapter begins.


What to eat

Get help with the choices



Along with personal training I am also in process of becoming a certified nutritionist. I would love to help you love food that is good for you. Please join the email list for more info for when this service will be available.


I love cooking and collecting recipes. I love to meal plan and make eating well easy. Let me help you streamline your week of cooking so eating well does not have to be a burden but becomes a joy.